ADELANTE 2 is a directly managed programme of the European Commission's Directorate General for International Partnerships (DG INTPA), coordinated by Unit B1 - South America and Regional Operations. DG INTPA has engaged an international technical assistance team to, among other tasks, implement the ADELANTE Window.

This team is made up of a number of professionals with knowledge and experience in International Development Cooperation in general, and in particular, sustainable development, Triangular Cooperation, cross-cutting approaches, the management of development interventions and knowledge management, as well as communication and visibility. The team also has experience in international logistics and in the management of activities related to the exchange and triangulation of knowledge (workshops, seminars, congresses, study visits, internships, etc.).

Triangular Cooperation


Livia Galita
ADELANTE 2 Programme manager at DG INTPA.
Unit B1 - South America and Regional Operations.


Javier Gavilanes
ADELANTE 2 international technical assistance team leader.

Hicham Boughdadi
ADELANTE 2 Communication and visibility manager.

Laura Cabral
ADELANTE Window manager.

Eloísa García
ADELANTE Window. Operations and monitoring.

Mario Barreto
ADELANTE Window. Operations and monitoring.
Implementation and statistics

(company awarded the international technical assistance contract, in consortium with B&S):

Tamara Amor
ADELANTE Window. Operations and monitoring.

Cristina Yagüe
ADELANTE Window. Operations and monitoring.
Administrative assistant

Sara Sotillos
International technical assistance contract manager at DT Global.

The international technical assistance team also has several professionals, including the IT manager, as well as several professionals providing support for the inclusion of cross-cutting approaches.

Matías Calvo
IT and ADELANTE Extranet Operations manager

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