ADELANTE Window 2021

In this section of the website we will keep you informed about the evolution of the ADELANTE Window 2021 and, in the corresponding section, we will report on each of the approved Initiatives.


Once the implementation of the Triangular Cooperation Initiatives has been completed, the Triangular Cooperation Partnerships, following the development approach of the ADELANTE Window, will maintain their joint work dynamics in order to apply the knowledge created during the previous months. The outcomes and impacts of this additional work will be analysed in ex-post exercises, planned for later this year, and disseminated through the mini-sites of the Initiatives, as well as a systematisation exercise and analysis of the ADELANTE Window 2021.

April 2022

Official Closing Meetings were held for each of the Triangular Cooperation Initiatives, with the participation of all the actors involved.

These meetings have provided very positive feedback on the suitability of the ADELANTE Window, both in its modus operandi and in its development approach, based on the triangulation of knowledge. Upon finalising implementation of the Initiatives: the vast majority of the entities that have participated in the ADELANTE Window 2021 claim to have received capacity building, and to have strengthened their ties to the other Partnership entities. At least 10 out of 15 Partnerships aim to create a network or specialised platform, thanks to the joint work carried out in the framework of the Initiative, and at least 8 out of 15 Initiatives have generated models or prototypes that facilitate the creation of a network or specialised platform

September 2021 - April 2022

Successful implementation of the 15 Triangular Cooperation Initiatives approved by the ADELANTE Window 2021, which has meant the implementation of 94 activities (workshops, seminars, congresses, consultancies, study visits, internships, courses, studies, etc.); both online, hybrid and face-to-face, in which 1,770 people have directly participated.

Triangular Cooperation

September 2021

Publication of the mini-sites of each of the Initiatives approved through the ADELANTE Window 2021.

Monday 6th September

Start of implementation of the last Triangular Cooperation Initiatives approved by the ADELANTE 2021 Window.

15 Initiatives approved and under implementation, involving more than 80 entities of all types, from 18 countries in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and contributing to 14 Sustainable Development Goals.

Triangular Cooperation

Thursday 5th August

Start of implementation of the first Triangular Cooperation Initiatives approved by the ADELANTE Window 2021.

Monday 21th June

Closing of the ADELANTE Window 2021 due to the depletion of the annual budget./p>

Great success of this first edition of the ADELANTE Window!

Tuesday 24th May

Opening of the ADELANTE Window 2021.

From that moment on, Triangular Cooperation Partnerships were able to register on the ADELANTE Extranet and, through it, start preparing Concept notes for their Triangular Cooperation Initiatives.

Thursday 20th May

ADELANTE Window 2021 presentation webinar (video in Spanish).

Monday 19th April

Publication of the ADELANTE Window Guidelines for applicants and the ADELANTE Window 2021 Specific rules.

Announcement of the opening date of the ADELANTE Window 2021: 24 May.



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