ADELANTE Window 2022

In this section of the website we will keep you informed about the evolution of the ADELANTE Window 2022 and, in the corresponding section, we will report on each of the approved Initiatives.


Assessment by DG INTPA and the ADELANTE Team of more than 40 concept notes submitted. Those that are accepted will move on to the formulation phase.

Monday, May 16

Closure of the ADELANTE Window 2022 due to the depleted annual budget.

The second edition of the ADELANTE Window was a great success!

Tuesday, April 26

Opening of the ADELANTE Window 2022.

Registration of Triangular Cooperation Partnerships and start of the online preparation of concept notes (through the ADELANTE Extranet) for their Triangular Cooperation Initiatives.

Thursday, April 7

The ADELANTE Window 2022 presentation webinar was held.

Publication of the ADELANTE Window 2022 Manual of Procedures and the ADELANTE Window 2022 Manual of Implementation and Management.

Monday, March 28

Announcement of the opening date of the ADELANTE Window 2022: April 26.

Publication of the ADELANTE Window Guidelines for applicants. Version 2 - March 2022 and the ADELANTE Window 2022 Specific rules.

The key new features compared to the previous edition include the possibility of extending the implementation period of the Initiatives up to 8 months, and applying for up to EUR 150,000 in financing from the ADELANTE Window, while the Partnership is still required to provide co-financing of at least 25% of the total budget. In terms of priorities, 'responding to development challenges related to circumstances arising from the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic' has been joined by the 'inclusion of youth in building a better, greener, more inclusive and digital future', in line with the European Year of Youth 2022.



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