ADELANTE Window: general information

ADELANTE Triangular Cooperation Window European Union - Latin America and the Caribbean 2021 - 2024 (ADELANTE Window), endowed by the European Union with a total indicative budget of € 5,000,000, is a co-financing instrument that seeks to mobilise and channel resources towards partnerships between entities in Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean, which operate under the Triangular Cooperation modality, with the ultimate goal of fulfilling the 2030 Agenda and achieving more inclusive and sustainable development.

It is a demand-driven instrument that aims to be agile and flexible, with a 'rapid response' approach.

Triangular Cooperation

Triangular Cooperation Partnerships can present their proposals through the ADELANTE Window, comprised of European, Latin American and Caribbean entities from all areas (public, private, social, academia), as well as regional, international and multilateral organisations and financial institutions, in which each entity fulfils one of the roles inherent to Triangular Cooperation: Beneficiary, First provider and Second provider.

The ADELANTE Window is open to Triangular Cooperation Initiatives addressing all the Sustainable Development Goals and featuring activities aimed at knowledge sharing, such as events (conferences, seminars, workshops), missions (consultancies, study visits and internships), studies and participation in courses, as long as they have a clear Triangular Cooperation approach and a strong impact on sustainable development.

In order to present and manage the Initiatives, the ADELANTE Extranet is an online platform for the management of Initiatives that is designed specifically for this purpose. On the ADELANTE Extranet, the forms for the different phases of the management cycle can be completed online, and access is provided to supporting tools and reference materials to aid in the formulation and management of the Initiatives. The working languages are Spanish and English, with all reference documents also available in Portuguese.

Once the Initiatives have been approved, the ADELANTE Team, working in close coordination with the Partnership and its member entities, will directly manage the funds, thus ensuring greater agility and working under the 'rapid response' approach mentioned above.

The ADELANTE Window operates for four years, with the overall budget allocated through calls or 'annual windows'.

Detailed information on the first three annual windows (Window 2021, Window 2022 and Window 2023), in addition to each of the co-financed Triangular Cooperation Initiatives, can be found on this website.

Thanks to the ADELANTE Window, there are currently more than 225 entities representing 27 countries in Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean that are involved in Triangular Cooperation and knowledge sharing, with more than 9,700 people participating in more than 250 activities and with a direct impact on 16 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

This approach has enabled the creation and consolidation of powerful multi-stakeholder and multi-level partnerships, with a strong impact on development.

Triangular Cooperation is a horizontal and partnership-centred modality, in which the complementary knowledge and experience of the different partners and their resources are leveraged to jointly create solutions that address development challenges.

This definition focuses on the development challenges and highlights the knowledge and expertise to respond to them, as well as the relationship and synergies between partners. The role of each of the partners is the key factor in determining when an intervention falls within the scope of Triangular Cooperation.

An intervention can be considered within the scope of Triangular Cooperation when at least three partners participate, and each of them takes on one of the following roles:

Beneficiary: seeks support to meet a development challenge, making their knowledge and experience available, in addition to providing financial resources in certain cases.

First provider: has experience in addressing the same development challenge in a similar context as the Beneficiary, shares its knowledge and experience with the Partnership and, in certain cases, provides financial resources.

Second provider: contributes to strengthening the Partnership and provides support through its knowledge, experience and financial resources.

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