ADELANTE 2 at the European Development Days (EDD).

ADELANTE 2 at the European Development Days (EDD).

ADELANTE 2 participated in the European Development Days, the leading European forum on international partnerships for development.

Uner the name ‘Global Gateway: building sustainable partnerships for a connected world’, on June 21st and 22nd, the European Commission convocó brought together the key players on the international development cooperation scene in Brussels, in order to share ideas and experiences to inspire new partnerships and foster innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges of today.

With the participation of various members of the ADELANTE team and the Programme's booth in the 'Education and research' section, the EDDs were a unique opportunity to share the experience of ADELANTE 2 as a key player in Triangular Cooperation between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean. This experience demonstrates that Triangular Cooperation is a unique modality for building international partnerships and alliances, and for fostering relationships among stakeholders to harness the potential of all stakeholders to respond to global challenges.


The various components of ADELANTE were of great interest to all the participants, with the ADELANTE Triangular Cooperation Window European Union - Latin America and the Caribbean, proving to be one of the main highlights. The ADELANTE Window has been running for two editions and has yielded a wealth of valuable insights, and is open to a wide range of actors in the region (as indicated in the Guidelines for applicants: national cooperation agencies, public entities at the national and sub-national level, private entities, private entities with public functions, unions, social entities, universities, academies or research institutions, along with multilateral, international and regional organisations, and international financial institutions or for development, among others).

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Note: Global Gateway is the new European strategy to foster smart, clean and secure connections in the digital, energy and transport sectors, and to strengthen health, education and research systems worldwide. It represents sustainable, reliable connections that work for people and the planet to address the most pressing global challenges, from climate change and environmental protection to improving access to health care, and boosting competitiveness and global supply chains.


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