Kick-off event of the Triangular Cooperation Initiative 'LIDERES

Kick-off event of the Triangular Cooperation Initiative 'LIDERES

Source: Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism of Santa Cruz, Bolivia (CAINCO).

The Initiative is co-financed by the ADELANTE Triangular Cooperation Window European Union - Latin America and the Caribbean 2021-2024, and implemented through a Triangular Cooperation Partnership, comprised of three entities: the Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism of Santa Cruz, Bolivia (CAINCO) as Beneficiary; Monterrey Institute of Technology, Guadalajara branch, Mexico as First Provider, and the Government of Cantabria, through the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Spain, as Second Provider.

The event was organised by the Partnership and the ADELANTE Window team, bringing together authorities from the Municipal Government of Santa Cruz, CAINCO, the Government of Jalisco, the Government of Cantabria, Monterrey Institute of Technology, the Carolina Foundation and DG INTPA of the European Union.

"LIDERES" aims to promote social entrepreneurship as the core of economic revitalisation of the productive sectors, with a commitment to a collaborative governance model that promotes social cohesion and the generation of ideas, through the constant transfer of knowledge and best practices developed in Mexico and Spain.

As Fernando Hurtado, president of CAINCO, noted at the event, "The role of entrepreneurship and innovation must be a catalyst with the dual effect of generating employment and innovative solutions".

Pursuing the transfer of models, such as those explained by Alfonso Pompa, Secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology of the State of Jalisco, "On the scientific and technological front, we have developed a strategy to solve social problems, specifically those related to the environment and health".

As Violeta Sandoval (director of social entrepreneurship at the Monterrey Institute of Technology) mentioned, Julio Silva, the Manager of Cooperation, Sustainability and Innovation of CAINCO, explained the working dynamic of the Partnership by stating "we are working on entrepreneurship and digital transformation." Along these lines, the Minister of Economy and Finance of the Government of Cantabria, María Sánchez, recognised that this strategy is a "way to revitalise our territory without losing its identity, and thus be able to generate job opportunities that contribute to overcoming the demographic challenges".

The goal is to promote ideas that, in addition to revitalisation, can harness the uniqueness of each region as a distinguishing element. "Establishing the local level as a competitive force allows us to make the leap to the national and international levels", she emphasised.

Paz Díaz Nieto, Director General of European Funds, also took part in this inclusive vision. In her speech, she stated that the activities respond to a "three-fold approach" as a way to face the challenges for the population, under an "innovative, efficient and scalable" perspective. In addition, "guaranteeing sustainable development policies is fundamental within the European Union to establish a roadmap guided by the Sustainable Development Goals," stated José Antonio Sanahuja, director of the Carolina Foundation, the main entity for international mobility of Latin American students in Spain, which is part of the Partnership as a participating entity. The LIDERES project will be implemented over the next 6 months and is expected to benefit dozens of young entrepreneurs and public institutions, who will receive advisory services for capacity building in technological, entrepreneurial and innovative areas in the social sector.


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