Webinar ADELANTE Window 2022

Webinar ADELANTE Window 2022

On April 7, a webinar took place to present the ADELANTE Window 2022, with more than 300 participants from 38 countries, from both the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Following the success of the ADELANTE Window 2021, the European Union reaffirmed its commitment to Triangular Cooperation between Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean, and is committed to the new edition of the ADELANTE Window, which was announced on March 28th and presented in detail in the webinar.

During the first part of the session, Leticia Casañ (ADELANTE 2 Programme Manager) and Laura Cabral (in charge of operations and monitoring of the ADELANTE Window) provided an overview of the conceptual framework of Triangular Cooperation and the characteristics of the ADELANTE Window, followed by an explanation of all the details of this new edition.

With a view to the opening of the ADELANTE Window 2022 and the preparation and submission of proposals, the requirements to be met by Triangular Cooperation Partnerships were presented, and a detailed overview was provided of the management cycle of the Initiatives, outlining the most strategic and essential elements of the regulatory framework (Guidelines for applicants of the ADELANTE Window, Version 2 - March 2022, and the Specific rules of the ADELANTE Window 2022). The ADELANTE Extranet was also highlighted as the online platform through which proposals and the full cycle of Triangular Cooperation Initiatives are managed.

Communication and visibility matters were also discussed and, as a reference, all attendees were encouraged to visit the mini-site of the Initiatives funded under the Window 2021.

In the second part of the session, a significant number of the more than 150 questions received were answered, which were then gathered and systematised in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the ADELANTE Extranet, available to all interested parties.

The session ended with a reminder of the opening date of the ADELANTE Window 2022: Tuesday, April 26th.

Watch the video webinar presentation of the ADELANTE Window 2022 (Spanish):

Triangular Cooperation is a horizontal and partnership-based modality, in which the complementary knowledge and experiences of different partners, as well as their resources, are harnessed to jointly create solutions to respond to development challenges that ultimately aim to fulfil the 2030 Agenda, along with more inclusive and sustainable development.

The Triangular Cooperation Partnerships are comprised of European, Latin American and Caribbean entities, in which each fulfils one of the Triangular Cooperation roles (Beneficiary, First provider and Second provider), in order to harness the full potential of this modality to meet the development challenges of today.

The Triangular Cooperation Initiatives are based on the premise of harnessing the expertise and knowledge of the Partnership's member entities, in order to generate new knowledge that can be applied to respond effectively to a certain development challenge. Ideally, this new knowledge is collected and systematised in models or prototypes that facilitate its application, especially when pilot applications or experiences, or similar, have taken place. This logic in itself leads to capacity building among the entities and in the Partnership itself, which is one of the key elements of the added value of Triangular Cooperation, as well as fostering the creation of specialised networks that extend beyond the Partnership.


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