Triangular Cooperation Fund
European Union - Costa Rica - Latin America and the Caribbean

This fund aims to address two challenges: a) ecological transition, green recovery and decarbonisation, b) digitalization and innovation.

Start day: 01/06/2022

End date: 30/11/2025

EU contribution: 1.200.000 euros

Total budget: 1.500.000 euros

6 Triangular Cooperation projects selected in the 2023 call (a second call is planned for 2024):

World Agricultural Heritage Systems Alliance

Bio-circular: value chains based on circular bioeconomy, opportunities for cocoa in Central America

Sustainable and Resilient Construction in Central America and the Caribbean in the Face of Seismic Hazards: Regional Cooperation Based on Costa Rica's Experience

Smart tourism destinations - Information and Communication Technologies Applied to Tourism

Sustainable strengthening in implementing selective and environment friendly fishing programmes

Technological transfer to Costa Rica’s and Colombia’s coffee and avocado producers to implement high quality and inexpensive inputs to promote sustainable agriculture

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