Fund for Triangular Cooperation
European Union - Cuba - Latin America and the Caribbean

This fund aims to promote the exchange and transfer of knowledge and capacities in the field of biotechnology and its applications in public health and food security.

This objective is achieved through the promotion of Triangular Cooperation projects between Cuba, Latin America and the Caribbean and the Member States of the European Union, with an inclusive and sustainable approach, thus reinforcing Cuba's dual role as a provider and recipient of technical cooperation.

Start date: 01/06/2022

End date: 28/02/2026

EU contribution: 1.050.000 euros

Total budget: 1.384.500 euros

6 Triangular Cooperation projects:

Capacity building for the transfer of knowledge related to effective therapy for neurodegenerative diseases

Tools for the early detection and rehabilitation of neurodevelopmental problems in infants 

Topical formulations of ozonated vegetable oils for the control and treatment of infectious diseases

Study of the durability of materials in the face of climate change: atmospheric corrosion in areas of the Caribbean

Exchange and transfer of knowledge and skills in waste treatment by biotechnological methods

Blood products sector in the new post-pandemic scenario


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