* Triangular Cooperation Partnerships are comprised of European, Latin American and Caribbean entities, each of which fulfils one of the Triangular Cooperation roles in order to harness the full potential of this modality to meet the development challenges of today.

** Triangular Cooperation is a horizontal and partnership-centred modality, in which the complementary knowledge and experience of the different partners, as well as their resources, are harnessed to create joint solutions that respond to development challenges.

An intervention can be considered Triangular Cooperation when at least three partners participate, and each of them assumes one of the following roles:

  • Beneficiary: seeks support to meet a development challenge and makes its knowledge and experience available, as well as financial resources in certain cases.
  • First provider: has experience in addressing the same development challenge in a similar context as the Beneficiary, shares its knowledge and experience with the Partnership and, in certain cases, financial resources.
  • Second provider: contributes to strengthening the Partnership and provides support through its knowledge, experience and financial resources.


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