First "Momento ADELANTE": Triangular cooperation and combating the effects of COVID-19.

First "Momento ADELANTE": Triangular cooperation and combating the effects of COVID-19.

On October 20th, we launched the Momentos ADELANTE, a series of meetings throughout the implementation of ADELANTE 2, with the objective of 'sharing reflections on Triangular Cooperation,' open to Triangular Cooperation partners and all actors committed to the development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

This first ADELANTE Moment, in collaboration with the Regional Fund for Triangular Cooperation with Latin American and Caribbean Partners of the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ), focused on the potential of Triangular Cooperation to contribute in an innovative and effective way to the challenges of recovering from the post-pandemic crisis

Triangular CooperationAfter an introduction and overview by the moderator, Juan Pablo Lira (Ambassador and former Director of AGCID), the event began with an initial presentation by Ms. Cristina Xalma (Head researcher of the SEGIB report on South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Ibero-America). She affirmed that, at present, there is a greater need now than ever for cooperation that seeks shared solutions and tackles global problems from a multidimensional perspective. However, the response must be agile, flexible and focused on local challenges, with solutions based on a horizontal approach. This horizontal approach means “listening more to our partners, adapting and negotiating without conditions,” while respecting and supporting each of the roles within Triangular Cooperation.

The initial presentation was followed by a panel with three very practical and action-oriented contributions.

Cooperación TriangularThe first speaker was María Elena Alcaraz (Coordinator of International Forums for Development of AMEXCID, on behalf of the Global Partnership Initiative (GPI) on Effective Triangular Cooperation). She focused on sharing the lessons learned that were featured in the recent publication Leveraging triangular partnerships to respond to COVID-19 and build back better from the pandemic, which analyses the impact of the pandemic on existing Triangular Cooperation programmes. She particularly emphasised the proven effectiveness of Humanitarian Aid, an area that has not been previously explored in depth.

Cooperación TriangularValeria Giachino (Provincial Director of Planning and International Cooperation of the Province of Buenos Aires), emphasised the role of sub-national governments in bringing cooperation 'closer to local challenges,' and highlighted the value of the creation of peer-to-peer networks and the commitment to robust and effective instruments that allow them to harness their knowledge and practical experience. As an example, she noted the Catalogue of Buenos Aires Capacities for International Cooperation.

Cooperación TriangularLastly, Julio Noguera (Director-General of Prevention and Transparency of the SENAC of Paraguay, as Technical Director of the Triangular Cooperation project 'Strengthening integrity in times of crisis’ with Paraguay, Brazil and Germany), referred to this successful experience to affirm that this form of cooperation clearly has a strong added value, since the roles of the actors involved seamlessly complement one another at all times, in order to harness the collective knowledge and learn from each other.

Cooperación TriangularAfter an interesting round of questions from the audience and before closing the event, Christof Kersting (Director of the Regional Fund for Triangular Cooperation with Latin American and Caribbean Partners) defined Triangular Cooperation as flexible, horizontal and based on solidarity, which makes it a valuable modality for jointly identifying and sharing solutions, including for the COVID-19 crisis. He expressed the Fund's firm commitment in this regard, with the aim of being a major player in the region and contributing to this initiative, which will lead to a paradigm shift in international development cooperation.

Cooperación TriangularAlong the same lines, Leticia Casañ Jensen (Programme Manager of ADELANTE 2), concluded the ADELANTE Moment by reaffirming the relevance of Triangular Cooperation in the fight against COVID-19, and in particular through programmes such as ADELANTE 2. For the European Union, Triangular Cooperation will be a priority in the coming years because of its innovative, flexible and horizontal approach, enabling all actors involved to enhance knowledge, joint learning and capacity building. ADELANTE 2 will strive to foster the participation and commitment (far beyond funding) of a greater number of European entities as development partners.

The main contents and a graphic overview will be included in the summary report on the first "Momento ADELANTE", produced with the support of Andrea Vignolo, Expert in International Development Cooperation and former Executive Director of AUCI.



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