ADELANTE 2 attends the VII International Meeting on Triangular Cooperation.

ADELANTE 2 attends the VII International Meeting on Triangular Cooperation.

Organised by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Camões Institute under the theme 'Scaling Up Partnerships', the event took place in Lisbon from 12-13 October with the participation of representatives from more than 50 countries and several regional, international and multilateral organisations.

The main highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the report 'Global Perspectives on Triangular Co-operation', with many of the discussions centred on it.

The report 'examines TrC’s potential role in the future using foresight scenarios, analyses the data at the global level and identifies some key trends, examines the national ecosystems that are required to enable TrC to thrive, explores the contribution of the modality to addressing climate change adaptation, mitigation and biodiversity, and finally includes series of profiles on a selection of partners from across differing regions that are engaged in triangular co-operation, highlighting their institutional approaches to triangular co-operation.'

On this basis, each topic was explored in depth in a series of sessions, with the aim of responding to the challenges of this modality, such as future financing, training and capacity building needs, data collection and statistic systems, among others. Particular emphasis was placed on the sectoral challenges of climate change and the cross-cutting challenges of the fight to combat poverty and promote equity. Due to their unique characteristics, special attention was also devoted to the challenges faced by Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

The final reflection was based on the following conclusion: 'The world is living in multiple crises that are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. Only seven years until 2030, the progress made towards reaching the SDGs is at risk. The global community needs to catalyse resources, more and better strategic partnerships, and shared responsibility to tackle development challenges. Triangular co-operation unlocks a broader range of financing for development, technical expertise, and human capacity. It stimulates innovative solutions and contributes directly to tackling the current multiple crises. Despite the proven potential of its added value, there are still several international development agendas and development actors that have not embraced the modality.'

In terms of ADELANTE, we can affirm that each component of the Programme is aligned with the most current trends in Triangular Cooperation, fully harnessing its added value and contributing significantly to the consolidation and scaling up of this modality.


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