ADELANTE Window 2021 Impact Report

ADELANTE Window 2021 Impact Report


Endowed by the European Union with a global indicative budget of € 5,000,000 euros, the ADELANTE Window is a co-financing instrument based on demand that seeks to mobilize and channel resources towards partnerships between entities in Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean that respond to the Triangular Cooperation modality, with the ultimate goal of fulfilling the 2030 Agenda and achieving more inclusive and sustainable development.

The ADELANTE Window operates for four years, with the overall budget allocated through calls or 'annual windows' each year.

To better understand the first three editions: Window 2021, Window 2022 and Window 2023.

Thanks to the ADELANTE Window, there are currently more than 225 entities representing 27 countries in Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean that are involved in Triangular Cooperation and knowledge sharing, involving more than 9,700 participants in over 250 activities, directly contributing to the achievement of 16 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This approach has enabled the creation and consolidation of powerful multi-stakeholder and multi-level partnerships, with a strong impact on development.

ADELANTE Window 2021

The first edition of the ADELANTE Window was announced in May 2021 and, after the corresponding process of presentation, assessment and approval of proposals, 15 Triangular Cooperation Initiatives were co-financed. These Initiatives began their execution throughout the month of August of that same year, ending during the month of April 2022. At that time, the Summary Report was published, which collected the main data of the Initiatives and the ADELANTE Window 2021 as a whole.

In accordance with the regulatory framework of the ADELANTE Window, one year following the completion of execution, the 'joint ex post analysis exercises' for these Initiatives were conducted with the aim of gaining insights into their post-completion trajectory.

This exercise focuses the analysis on four aspects:

  • Continuity of the Partnerships.
  • The application of knowledge generated through the strengthening of the capacities of the entities and the Partnerships.
  • Meeting the development challenge that prompted the Initiative (Beneficiary entities) and enhancing the impact of their interventions (Provider entities) while ensuring the required quality standards.
  • Future prospects

The results of this analysis are presented in this ADELANTE Window 2021 Impact Report, the contents of which are summarized as follows:

Cooperación Triangular

Triangular Cooperation

Not only is the implementation of these exercises included as one of the four phases of the management cycle of the Initiatives, but they are also a substantial part of the ADELANTE Window approach, reflecting the particular commitment of DG INTPA / European Union to the sustainability and impact of the co-financed interventions.


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